The Absolute Best of the Raptor Jesus Meme Anything
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The Absolute Best of the Raptor Jesus Meme

This is the best of the classic, the wonderfully sacrilegious, Raptor Jesus Meme. Raptor Jesus is basically drawing mustaches in your church pamphlets taken to the next level (and then some.) In honor of the lord and savior of the internet, I'm bringing this one back. Raptor Jesus is an immature, self-involved, teenage-sounding, gamer, lolcat depiction of Jesus Christ with a velociraptor for a head. Enjoy.

What are the best things to come from Raptor Jesus? Take a look at these fine examples of the Raptor Jesus meme, and it's okay, you can admit that they're pretty funny because they are!
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  1. Who is Raptor Jesus?

    Raptor Jesus is one of the single greatest memes in internet history.

    Much like a lot of the greatest, and most offensive, things on the internet, Raptor Jesus was born on 4Chan. It was a meme that originated with a really dumb, crudely photoshopped picture of a Jurassic Park style Velociraptor superimposed onto Jesus's body in the context of religious-style drawings, sometimes with captions added. That's it. And it ended up taking off. The crude Photoshop jobs and how simplistic, base and childish this humor of the meme really is, are what make this meme so great. The fact that Raptor Jesus always talks like a young teenage gamer/LOLCAT is what gives him his charm. Also, he's kind of a dick.

    Also, this meme is very much a comment on the absurdity of the actual events of The Holy Bible itself and has been embraced by internet atheists far and wide, which is another reason for its longevity. Raptor Jesus is a derivative of the LOL JESUS meme, which is simple in execution: take a picture of jesus from an old children's book or pamphlet, and make it funny by giving it a caption.

    LOL JESUS was born in the manger of 4Chan's image boards, son of the God of the internet (aka the early, pre-YouTube internet crowd) that was basically doing Photoshop manipulations of everything under the sun, including, of course, Jesus and the Christian faith. Undoubtedly, manipulations of the Lord Jesus Christ were going to be some of the first things to get made fun of on the internet after everyone stopped downloading Napster songs.

    But soon after LOL JESUS started, somewhere there was posted a declaration that this was our new Lord and that His name was Raptor Jesus. The image is hilarious in concept, largely because of exactly how preposterous the image is and how happy the Raptor looks. And before we knew it, there were an insane amount of manipulations of not only Raptor Jesus, but Jesus with dinosaurs in general.

    After a few years, Raptor Jesus found himself a regular part of our popular culture, even spawning flash cartoons, hilarious YouTube videos depicting 'The Cult of Raptor Jesus' and how you can donate (set to the religious song Awesome God), YTMND's (also set to Awesome God, only a techno remix, and seriously, this song in the context of Raptor Jesus... is AWESOME), an Uncyclopedia Page (complete with an impressively long false history on the 'actual deity') and even people depicting him in costumes in public and comic book onventions.

    If the Godless, socially inept and brilliant bastards over at 4Chan had any God, it would be Raptor Jesus. And now, without any further interruption, here's the best of Raptor Jesus, in all his "the mind of a teenage gamer who is actually a widely worshipped deity who happens to have the head of a Velociraptor and talk like a lolcat for no reason" glory.
  2. Pictures of Raptor Jesus and His Glory

  3. Raptor Jesus Comics/Caption Memes

  4. Raptor Jesus Demotivational Posters

  5. Jesus + Dinosaurs

    It's unknown which came first, Raptor Jesus or Jesus chillin' with dinosaurs. Either way, this was part of the LOL JESUS/Raptor Jesus meme, so here are the greatest pictures of JC with dinosaurs.

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