The Most Messed Up Japanese TV Shows Ever TV Programs
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The Most Messed Up Japanese TV Shows Ever

Way before there were wacky game shows like "Wipeout" and "Minute To Win It," there were a whole slew of bizarre shows running in Japan, including these, which are perhaps the all-time most messed up Japanese shows ever. We all know about the weird Japanese game shows where people have to fit themselves through a bizarre hole in a wall or fall into a pit of goo, but these gems take television to a whole new level.

From brutal public pranks on unsuspecting people (like making them think they are part of a shootout) to over-the-top stunts (like locking a man naked in an apartment until he can win his way out), clearly Japanese television is allowed to push the boundaries of common sense and good taste more than its American counterpart. The two styles of TV programming may be getting more alike in the future, as Japanese shows such as "Hey! Hey! Hey! Music Camp" continue to inspire similar shows for America, like the MTV series "Silent Library."

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    Troop of 100

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    In the United States, we have flashmobs, spontaneous gatherings of people organized on social media, meant to impress, irritate, or astound unknowing witnesses and passers-by. In Japan, occasionally these flashmobs are organized to target one specific individual, just to mess with them. Just like the title states, "Troop of 100" features 100 people who appear out of nowhere to chase an unsuspecting stranger on the street. (See, it's funny, because they think they are about to be assaulted!)

    In cases where the troop actually catches the target, they celebrate by tossing the person up and down in the air, ritualistically, which may not necessarily make the victim feel all that much better, unless he has recently had a Bar Mitzvah and it brings back happy memories. Then, just as quickly as they arrived, the mob departs, leaving the target dazed and confused, but no worse for wear. Except for the lingering feelings of paranoia and mistrust that may take a lifetime to conquer. But hey, it was funny for 30 seconds, right?

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