The All-Time Worst People in History People
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The All-Time Worst People in History

List Criteria: Horrible real (not fictional) people

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    #1 on the original list 1878 There is no definitive number for the men, women, children that were killed under his reign.

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    #2 on the original list 1889 Everybody knows of his acts and to many, he'd be number 1. I put him at number two because he ...

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    #3 on the original list 1925 Khmer Rouge. Was it execution or genocide? Killing millions of people for no reason. Senseless ...

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    #18 on the original list 1911 Besides the fact that he might have found a way to produce twins during pregnancy, the man was ...

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    #30 on the original list 1960 Between Jeffrey Dahmer and Josef above, I don't know who is more irrational when it comes to ...

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    #20 on the original list 1931

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    #5 on the original list 1925

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