The Ballsiest Streakers in Sports Stadium History

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Streaking (v) To run naked in public.

Streakers have been around since the dawn of humanity. Sure, at that point it was mainly because it was before the advent of clothing, but I digress. Streaking and sports have become synonymous. If there is a big game you can be pretty sure that there will be a naked, streaking man or woman running naked across the field. It doesn't even matter which sport it is, from football to soccer, rugby to even golf, a streaker has cut their nude path across that turf.

These are some of the most courageous or just plain crazy streakers caught on tape and given out graciously to the internet. You will see the classic male streaker wearing nothing but a scarf representing their favorite team run down the World Cup. There is even the rare female streaker making a clean getaway in just her bra and a Spider-Man mask.

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