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The 400 Best Albums of the 1990s

The Nineties were a glorious decade for music. I will never again consume as much music as I did in the 90s and the 00s (and I still listen to a LOT of music). It's pretty clear now how much better the 90s were than the decade that followed - not only did I get another 100 albums into my 90s list, but I would rate the quality of the Top 10/20/50/100 MUCH higher in the 90s than either the 80s or the 00s - I gave 16 90s albums a perfect 10 rating, but only 3 in the aughts. Indeed, for my tastes that only decade that I think will come close will be the 70s (the 70s will probably win, but it will be a good fight - stay tuned). It will be interesting to see if I can find 500 equally worthy records from the Seventies - I doubt the difference will be that great.

I'm a rock fan and not very interested in pop, hip-hop, or contemporary country or R&B, though there are always exceptions. I listen to a lot of jazz, but didn't find much that came out in the Nineties that transcended. Also, for those who might complain that I give too-high ratings, please keep in mind that I listened to at least 5,000 albums during the decade (I worked in the music industry for the whole decade and also co-owned a record store for half of it, so I was exposed to just about everything that came out). So less than 10% got a score of 7 or higher.
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    #17 on the original list &rated: 10 Oasis A perfect document of its time and place.

  2. 2

    #2 on the original list &rated: 10 Pearl Jam Ranking this #2 was a tough call, since I have heard these songs so many times I very, very ...

  3. 3

    #3 on the original list &rated: 10 Radiohead

  4. 4

    #50 on the original list &rated: 10 Jane's Addiction

  5. 5

    #103 on the original list &rated: 10 The Verve

  6. 6

    Neil Young, Crazy Horse, Neil Young & Crazy Horse

  7. 7

    rated: 10 Lost Somewhere Between the Earth and My Home The Geraldine Fibbers In the mid-90s I had the good fortune to work for the Virgin record label for a few years, ...

  8. 8

    #12 on the original list The Smashing Pumpkins

  9. 9

    #1 on the original list &rated: 10 Nirvana I was moving from IL to CA when this came out and for whatever reason I actually didn't buy it ...

  10. 10

    #63 on the original list &rated: 10 The Prodigy There really has never been anything quite like this record, either before or since.

  11. 11

    #49 on the original list &rated: 10 Pearl Jam I remember the vinyl came out a week or two before the CD. This was a big deal in 1995 - and ...

  12. 12

    #206 on the original list &rated: 10 Joan Osborne 1995 was the year that the awesomeness of the decade really hit home to me. I was way into the ...

  13. 13

    rated: 10 Black Love The Afghan Whigs Gentlemen got more acclaim, and some modicum of sales. But Black Love is the dark masterpiece.

  14. 14

    #18 on the original list &rated: 10 U2

  15. 15

    #147 on the original list &rated: 10 Belle & Sebastian

  16. 16

    #8 on the original list &rated: 9.9 Soundgarden

  17. 17

    rated: 9.9 Built to Spill

  18. 18

    #5 on the original list &rated: 9.9 Nirvana

  19. 19

    #6 on the original list &rated: 9.9 The Smashing Pumpkins The highs on this album are as high as any record of its time - would be a perfect 10 save for ...

  20. 20

    #161 on the original list &rated: 9.9 Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds The most badass album from one of the biggest badasses in rock history.

  21. 21

    #14 on the original list &rated: 9.9 Nine Inch Nails

  22. 22

    #11 on the original list &rated: 9.8 Green Day

  23. 23

    #120 on the original list &rated: 9.8 Bob Dylan

  24. 24

    #125 on the original list &rated: 9.8 The Black Crowes

  25. 25

    rated: 9.8 Wilco, Billy Bragg


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