The best anime series of all-time TV Programs
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The best anime series of all-time

Well,it is basically my list,not "the" list,I just wanted to share my likes with everyone,so feel free to say anything you want about this list :)
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    One Piece

    Yes,one piece haters,I ranked this show at the top of my list,well it doesn't matter what you think anyways because 98% of you never watched the show and judged it only because of its art style this is an original story with a great plot and a constantly expanding universe that makes it one of a kind. at first,it might seem like an ordinary pirate story when pirates chase after some treasure,the treasure in this case is called "one piece" ,but as the story progresses,the possibility of one piece being a treasure decreases because of so many factors. what is amazing about this show is that the fans get a confused sense of justice when the good guys seem like the bad guys and vice versa,another point of strength is the complexity of the plot and the emotional backstories of the characters. Luffy,in his quest to become the man with the most freedom in the world or pirate king as he sees it,travels from island to island meeting new friends and encountering dangerous enemies weather they're are government agents or other pirates and discovering more secrets about the world along with his crewmates,all in an atmosphere that is filled with humour,adventure and drama. This is my favourite anime for so many reasons and will always be,it is simply a live legend. If you don't know anything about this show I suggest you watch the video that I uploaded for a first look

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    Fullmetal alchemist or fullmetal alchemist brotherhood,are two sides of the same coin,the first one is an independent version from the manga,the second one follows the manga closely,they're both very epic and breathtaking the story follows two brothers who used alchemy,a very complicated science that is based on the principle of equivalent trade,to resurrect their mother,unfortunately the older bother ended up with missing limbs in the process and the younger brother lost his entire body,in order to regain what they lost they must find a mythical object called the philosopher stone that is believed to be above all the laws of equivalent trade,but they're not the only ones after this stone,other people seek the same thing and are willing to kill for it,it's not an easy task for the two brothers. this story is very original and complex,it's a mixture of religion beliefs and science and politics,and if you like adventure,this is your opportunity to enter an extraordinary world that is filled with mysteries,I just can't explain how great this show is,you should watch it for yourself,both versions are masterpieces. If you don't know anything about this show I suggest you watch the video that I uploaded for a first look

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    Death Note

    An anime with a main evil protagonist,or should I call him antagonist? it doesn't matter,Yagami Light is a character that proved that not all the main characters of anime must be good-natured.Death note is a mixture of supernatural and crime,where the main characters are incredibly smart:a popular detective who's trying to outsmart his suspect,and a suspect who's trying to outsmart the detective,it's basically a cat and mouse game where there can be only one winner. If you like psychology and reflection,you should watch this anime,the plot is brilliant and the characters make it even more interesting.this is a must-see to all anime fans out there. If you don't know anything about this show I suggest you watch the video that I uploaded for a first look

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    Detective conan

    The story revolves around a high school detective who was forced to swallow a mysterious pill that made his body shrink and look like an 8 year old boy,well,at least his mental capabilities were not affected,but the problem he has to face is how to tell the people around him about what happened to him when their lives might be in danger since a very dangerous criminal organisation was responsible for what happened to him,I can say no more,you should really watch this show if you like police and detective shows,it is very well-plotted and has a lot of suspense If you don't know anything about this show I suggest you watch the video that I uploaded for a first look

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    Dragon Ball Z

    Dragon ball became a huge phenomenon like never before.I personally think that this is the most popular anime of All-time since it has an incredibly huge fan base around the planet,even those who don't watch anime know a thing or two about this series It doesn't have the best plot around but when it came out for the first time it was like something new and never experienced before,I personally enjoyed every moment of it,it has a great deal of humour and incredible fight scenes that made us fans hooked up forever,and the main character got stuck in my hed forever because of his unique personality Love it or Hate it,you can't possibly ignore it.


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