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The Best Carmageddon Deals

For Southern California residents in and around the 405, Carmageddon is coming and there's nothing you can do about it, so you may as well live it up with one of the best Carmageddon deals available during the weekend. Forget spending time in the world's largest traffic jam, skip the highway and save a few bucks by using one of many deals offered by these shops, services, restaurants and hotels.

While many will be getting out of town during the weekend of July 15 to July 17, 2011, with hopes of escaping the madness accompanied by closing a 10-mile stretch of highway, others will pack the best hiking trails in the city or cash in on deals like cheap cocktails, clothing discounts, reduced-priced eats and free transportation. Sorry, no discounts on shirts saying "I survived Carmageddon 2011."

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    Food: SusieCakes

    Sooth your sweet tooth with two-for-one cupcakes from SusieCakes in West Hollywood. The deal is only valid on Saturday during Carmageddon, that's July 16.

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    Shopping: Ventura Blvd-Woodman Ave Shops

    Bonding together for what they're calling a Carmageddon Block Party, shops in the neighborhood of Woodman and Ventura Boulevard are offering savings for shoppers. Simply shop at one retailer, then take that receipt to another retailer in the area for 10% off. Shops include Abundance, Pan Dolce, The Massage Place, Tough Cookies, The UPS Store and many others.

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    Drink: South Santa Monica

    Enjoy themed cocktails at South Santa Monica for just $3 each. Specials include their gridlock shots, road ragers and Bud STOP Lights.

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    Transportation: Los Angeles County Transportation Authority

    Buses and subways will be busy during Carmageddon, but for the 26 lines along major Westside and San Fernando routes, they'll also be free! Check the routes and schedules then take advantage of this Carmageddon freebie on July 15 and July 16.

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    Transportation: Amtrak

    Skip the traffic and take the train with discounted rates from Amtrak during Carmageddon. Travel between Union Station in Downtown Los Angeles and Bob Hope Airport in Burbank for half price, or just $3 for adults and $1.50 for kids.

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    Shopping: MacMall

    Get your Mac on at the MacMall on Wilshire Boulevard during the 405 closure by saving on already discounted Apple products, HDTVs and accessories. Though not available on iTunes cards of gift certificates, customers can save $25 on a single purchase of $50 or more during Carmageddon.

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