The Best Cars for Senior Citizens Car Models
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The Best Cars for Senior Citizens

A list of cars well suited for the elderly by Consumer Reports. Unlike your typical list filled with Buicks and other automobiles with baby-buggy suspension, this list contains cars of a more practical nature. The autos displayed here are economical, easy to use, and roomy enough to take the grand-kids. Safety and handling are also considered along with visibility, comfort, and ease of access. If one is a senior and looking for a new car, then this is the list for you.

So what are the best cars for old people? The perfect old person car is easy to get in and out of and doesn't have too much power. Cars with easy access for elderly folks are essential when people starting getting on in years. Take a look at these cars and you'll see which ones would be the best for the senior citizens in your life.

Source: Consumer Reports

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