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The Best Cheeses of Norway

Norwegian cheese. A list of the best cheeses from Norway. With its countless textures, flavors, and recipes, cheese is one of the most diverse types of food in the world. Even its chief ingredient, milk, can come from a wide variety of animals, including cows, goats, sheep, and even buffalo. Unlike east Asia, where lactose intolerance is much more common, cheese is a staple of the western diet with such iconic dishes as grilled cheese, mac and cheese, and best of all... cream cheese frosting.

Cheese and its saturated fat may contribute to heart disease; that said, it may actually strengthen tooth enamel with its protein, calcium and phosphorus. While this list may focus on cheeses from one particular country, they are probably sold world-wide and may even be down at your corner store.

What are the best cheese of Norway? Take a look at this list and you'll find out that answer.

The Best Cheeses of Norway Foods