The Best-Ever Horror Comedies! Films

The Best-Ever Horror Comedies!

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Horror + Comedy = All kinds of awesome films! Best genre ever!

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    Honestly, all you need to know is that this is a Sam Raimi/Bruce Campbell collaboration. If that doesn't do it, I can't help you.
  2. 2
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    What aging lady doesn't want to find a solution to growing old? Definitely the two leading ladies (Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn) in this film. They seek out a woman with a solution to mortality so that they may be young and beautiful forever! Bruce Willis stars as the very homely, not-much-of-a-backbone-kind-of-guy stuck between them.
  3. 3
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    Listen, I know this is technically sci-fi. But, based on everything else on the list, it just FEELS right. One of my favorite Tim Burton films. Jack Nicholson gets two roles (who doesn't need to see that?!) and at one point the aliens put Sarah Jessica Parker's head on a dog's body. More, please!
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    This is just sitting on my shelf... waiting to be watched. Almost like it's watching me. I wonder if it is...
  5. 5
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    If you haven't seen Shaun of the Dead yet, get off your computer, put some pants and shoes on, go to your local DVD-selling store and buy it right this minute. Unless you don't like zombies. And then you can get the heck away from me.
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    Beaver Cleaver meets Dawn of the Dead. The zombie war has been fought and won and now you can have a zombie of your very own! Genius on SO many levels.
  7. 7
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    I love titles like this. You just know what you're getting into with it. This one's about an apprentice grave robber and his adventures with all sorts of folks. Oh, and zombies. And Ron Perlman. I loved this film.
  8. 8
    + 96
    - 51
    Michael Keaton as the title character, Winona Ryder as Lydia Deetz. Reminds me of my childhood in every single good way. Just a fun film to watch - especially if you're a tad bit strange.
  9. 9
    + 84
    - 44
    If you don't enjoy Mel Brooks films, you won't enjoy this. Simple as that. If you DO, though, then chances are you've already seen this and I'm wasting my typing efforts here.
  10. 10
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    Billy Zane and Jada Pinkett (pre-Will Smith). I know, right? Weird? No. Awesome. I liked it. You may not. You should go find out and then let me know.
  11. 11
    + 67
    - 33
    I think I'm just going to buy this. I haven't seen it anywhere to rent, yet, and by all accounts it is absolutely knee-slappin' hilarious. I could use some knee-slappin'.
  12. 12
    + 87
    - 52
    I love the "rules" that the main kid in this has. For instance: "Rule #8: Get a kickass partner." This movie was just so much fun to watch. That goes for mostly any Woody Harrelson movie, but add zombies and twinkies and it is just GOLD. I really hope they make a sequel.
  13. 13
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    Peter Jackson directs in this classic early 90s horror comedy about a mom who gets bitten by a rat-monkey (yes, really) and dies, only to come back to life eating any living creatures she can find, including friends, pets, and neighbors. Sounds nuts, but it's always a fun watch.
  14. 14
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    The Addams Family movies always pop into my mind when I think of "Horror/Comedy." How can they not? Gothic humor is lost on some people, but these films (the first two) pulled it off quite well. Also Raul Julia as Gomez = WIN.
  15. 15
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    - 38
    The Joss Whedon-written original film that inspired the 7-year-running hit TV show. If you liked the show (or Whedon - we are legion) and haven't seen this yet, you really should. It's Kristy Swanson as Buffy, but you can tell from the dialogue and the attitude that it's the exact same character. Also, you get to see that whole school-burning-down thing she always mentioned in the show!
  16. 16
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    Ghostly shenanigans! Featuring a still-funny Bill Murray, Rick Moranis, and Sigourney Weaver. Dan Akroyd and Harold Ramis both wrote AND starred in the film. Classic. There just isn't another word for it.
  17. 17
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    Honestly don't remember much about this one other than I saw it, it was low budget and it made me laugh. Fond memories... Plus: it's called Trailer Park of Terror. So, ya know.
  18. 18
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    This is one of those films that, from the moment it starts, you can tell was made in the 80s. Don't let that hold you back, though. Once you get past the music and the hair, there are some good times to be had! Did you ever want a Mogwai when you were a kid? I totally did.
  19. 19
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    Idle hands are the devil's playground and in this film, one pothead's (Devon Sawa) hand becomes very, very possessed. As bodies start popping up, he's got to figure out how to stop his own hand from killing people! It also stars Seth Green and Jessica Alba. One of my all-time favorites!
  20. 20
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    Fabulous additions to the cast in this just-as-great-as-the-first sequel: David Krumholtz as Wednesday Addams's (Christina Ricci) love interest and Joan Cusack. Who doesn't need more Joan Cusack? Mercedes McNab also has a full role instead of just a cameo in this one.

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