The Best Family Restaurant Chains in America Companies
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The Best Family Restaurant Chains in America

List Criteria: Restaurants that have specific menus for kids and cater to families with small children

This is a list of the best kid-friendly restaurant chains in America. If you don't have kids, you don't understand the trauma that parents endure taking their children to eat out. It was thus that the family restaurant was born. Over the years, a lot of family restaurants have popped up across the country and have become standard American restaurants that can be seen all over the world. You'll see breakfast restaurants such as IHOP on this list as well as Cracker Barrel, Red Lobster, and Denny's.

Just because a restaurant is a chain, that doesn't mean it necessarily specializes in distinctly American cuisine. Other popular restaurants include the Australian-themed Outback Steakhouse, P.F. Chang's China Bistro, and Chipotle Mexican Grill. While many of these restaurants may not overlap in their menus, the one thing all have in common is that they are considered the best family restaurant chains in America. 

Vote for your personal faves, and add any you see missing. Keep in mind these are national chains, not local haunts, so add your restaurants accordingly.

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    Cracker Barrel

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    added by: MikeEconomou
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    added by: Lons
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    Perkins Restaurant and Bakery

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    Buca di Beppo

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    added by: Benjamin Dunn
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    added by: MadameLil
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