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internet The 30+ Best Gangnam Style Parodies and GIFs

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With over 220 million YouTube views, "Gangnam Style" by Psy quickly became an international phenomenon. Gangnam Style parody videos, jokes, alternate versions and lip dubs started popping up faster than they did for "Call Me Maybe." Creative people the world over use wordplay to make Gangnam Style jokes - borrowing the style of the title, changing the lyrics to similar English words (open condom style?), or simply emulating the Korean pop star's pony trot, wacky suits, and devil-may-care attitude. Others are making images, gifs, and clips from the ubiquitous stylized video, and even creating their own parodies.

From Gandalf the Grey to Gundam Wing, Jar Jar the Gungan to a Westernized gunman , here are the best alternate renditions, lip dubs, full dances, and parodies of "Gungnam Style" -- a song that couples are playing at their wedding receptions and will therefore remember forever and ever.
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Han Solo Gangnam Style

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Hitler Style

There he go.

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Open Condom Style

Misheard lyrics to Gangnam Style
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Gangnam Style With Shad Khan

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From RadioNOW 97.9 in Jacksonville, FL. The owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars made a cameo appearance!
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My Little Pony Gangnam Style

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SNL Gangnam Style - Lids

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This Kid

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Deadpool Style

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