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The Best Gymnastics Movies

A list of the best gymnastics movies. These are films that focus on gymnastics as a central theme. We believe we've included them all, but if your favorite gymnastics film isn't listed, please feel free to add it yourself. This genre has some crossover with cheerleading, so don't be surprised if a couple cheer leading films appear on the list of the best gymnastics films. Gymnastics is a very physical sport encompassing events such as the balance beam, uneven parallel bars, still rings, vault, and the high bar. It's fascinating to watch, which makes it a perfect fit for being in the movies. If you're into the sport, these are the gymnastics films for you.

What are the best gymnastics movies? What films feature gymnasts? Since there is such a crossover appeal between cheerleading and gymnastics films, make sure to check out the best cheerleading films to find some more flicks you'll be interested in.
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    2006 More
    Released: 2006
  2. 2
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    2000 More
    Released: 2000
  3. 3
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    1997 More
    Released: 1997
  4. 4
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    1984 More
    Released: 1984
  5. 5
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    2006 More
    Released: 2006
  6. 6
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    1986 More
    Released: 1986
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    2006 More
    added by: Mikaela Bourke
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    White Palms

    2006 More
    added by: GimnasiaOlimpiaGimnasiaArtis
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    1985 More
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