The Best Harlem Shake Parody Videos

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Your day is complete: you have found a list of all the best Harlem Shake parody videos. If you haven't seen the original Harlem Shake video, well maybe you haven't visited the internet recently. It's kind of the best viral video to hit the web this year. The basic concept of the Harlem Shake video is a person (generally with a mask of some kind) dancing in a situation where no one else is grooving. When the beat drops in the song, the previously mild-mannered folk start doing all manner of crazy stuff. Those are the normal, yet still hilarious, videos of the Harlem Shake. This list is all of the best parodies of the Harlem Shake video.

From Jon Stewart and the cast of the Daily Show to an army of Nic Cage's, these are the best alternative takes on the Harlem Shake the internet has to offer. If you look at the list and say, "how could they not include the ___ Harlem Shake video", be reminded that these are only the Harlem Shake videos that don't follow the original formula. So just sit back and enjoy these hilarious Harlem Shake videos.

Did we miss the funniest Harlem Shake video? Not likely. These are all the top Harlem Shake videos in one place. The best Harlem Shake video round-up as far as we're concerned.
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