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The Best Healthy Snacks for Kids

List Criteria: No junk food. That includes anything like 'lunchables' or chips.

Parents are always in search of healthy snacks. Kids are a paradox. They are often hungry, but also picky. It can be hard to get your kid to snack on something that's good for them, but there are plenty of simple foods that most kids will eat. This is a list of healthy snacks for kids that you don't need to buy in single wrapped packages and that they usually won't turn down. Vote for your favorite go-to snack, and add anything you think is missing.

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    Fresh Fruit

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    Raw Nuts

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    Drizzle plain yogurt with honey, or just buy cups of yogurt low in sugar.

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    High in calories, but super high in protein... and all kids love it.

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    Apricots, Mangos, Apples ... anything that can be dried.

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