The Best Internet Reactions to the Moog Google Doodle Anything

The Best Internet Reactions to the Moog Google Doodle

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On May 23rd, Robert Arthur Moog (or Bob Moog), or the inventor of the Moog synthesizer, was born. He's known as one of the earliest pioneers of electronic music when he invented his synthesizer in 1964. To commemorate the man's birthday, Google's Doodle team decided to make a tribute to the man by masterfully engineering the homepage to act as an electronic Moog synthesizer. Here are the greatest Google Moog renditions of popular songs and internet reactions from Reddit, Tumblr and more in honor of Bob Moog's birthday.
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    How to Use the Bob Moog Google Doodle

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    Photo: YouTube
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    Van Halen's Jump, Played By Three Google Moogs

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    Aerodynamic by Daft Punk on the Google Moog

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    Someone Tries to Explain the Google Moog

    The nice user JS_Levan tried to explain things to everyone.

    The following is all that user Fearchen could work out.

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    Moog Rolled

  6. 6

    The Everyone On Google Today Meme

    According to Reddit, this is what everyone on Google Moog looks like today:

    (via Reddit user ilikeelyohara)

    (via Reddit user Se7en_Sinner)

    (via Reddit user TwinPlanets

    (Last three images via Reddit user Kylskap)

    And then the rest of us...

    (For all the Reddit users out there, here's the original thread.)
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    M83's Midnight City

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    Main Theme (Doctor Who)

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