The Best Internet Reactions to Mel Gibson's Tirade 2012 Anything

The Best Internet Reactions to Mel Gibson's Tirade 2012

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Every year, like any great artist, Mel Gibson graces us with another hit. And since it's Mel Gibson, it isn't a movie these days, but a crazy, secretly-recorded bit of him going absolutely insane for some reason or another that lasts multiple minutes. This year it's a rant that doesn't directly have anything racist or anti-semetic on it (although anti-semitism was one of the complaints made by the person who leaked the audio), but just shows Gibson at his most rock-bottom incomprehensible.

These are the best internet reactions to Mel Gibson's latest rant from April 19, 2012. From tweets, to other internet sources, here's what people had to say about Mel Gibson riding the crazy train once again.

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    Mel Gibson's Latest Rant Gets Leaked

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    Joe Eszterhas, writer of such wonderful films as Showgirls, Basic Instinct and Jean Claude Van Damme's Nowhere to Run (which, okay, actually ruled), accused Mel Gibson of all kinds of anti semitism in a letter that was released by TheWrap.

    Mentioned in that letter was that Eszterhas's son had recorded one of Gibson's rant on his iPod. The rant has something to do with Gibson not having received a script on time of a movie named The Maccabees which, once again, was "written" by the guy who wrote Showgirls.

    As soon as this was leaked, much like with other Mel Gibson rants, not only did everyone want to hear it immediately, but people had to weigh in on what they thought about it by making jokes at his expense. And at this point, why not?

    Here's the best the internet has had to offer so far (page will be updated as remixes and new reactions come in).

    Some notable excerpts include:

    I go to work, you’re getting paid, I’m not! Sh*t!
    I am earning money for a filthy little c*cksucker who takes advantage of me!
    Just like every motherfu*ker!
    So hurry the fu*k up!


    Who wants to eat?! Who the fu*k wants to eat?! Go have something to eat!
    fu*kin’ hate!
    fu*king c*nt c*cksucker whore!
    (Very hoarse)

    For the full transcription, check it out over at FilmDrunk.
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    New Lethal Weapon Villains

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    Mel Gibson is Scarier Like This

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    He's Been Teasing Us with Singles for Years


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    Mel Gibson's New Movie

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    Holy Crap. We Found the ONE GUY.

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    Also a Possibility

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    At Least He's Earth-Safe

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    What Was Actually Happening

  10. 10

    Patton Oswalt Nails It

  11. 11

    On His Method Acting

  12. 12

    Effectively Clearing the Decks

  13. 13

    Mel Gibson Doesn't Seem That Bad

  14. 14

    Did You Know?!

  15. 15

    Even DINNER Would Be Ruined...

  16. 16

    The Most Brilliant Request Yet

  17. 17

    Alright This Is Just True

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