The Best Kobe Bryant Dunks

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My favorite kobe bryant highlights, in regards to every sweet kobe dunk. The guy is 33 years old and still killing it. He was just announced the 2011 All-Star game MVP, which proves that he is the man. Every Kobe Bryant dunk is impressive and that's not even know what he's known for. Kobe Bryant dunking highlights is only a part of what this guy does on the court. He can cross up players, shoot buzzer beating 3's, and anything else a great basketball player does. Kobe is clutch and the best guy in the game.
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    vs. Orlando

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    Kobe dunks it on Dwight!
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    vs. Seattle

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    Kobe dunks for 50 points.
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    2011 All-Star game.

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    Lebron James tries to block Kobe, but Kobe goes up strong and avoids a block by Lebron.
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    vs. Philadelphia

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    2011 All-Star Game

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    Kobe does a big reverse, baseline dunk in the 2011 All-Star game. It shows that hes still got it.
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    vs. Phoenix Suns

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    vs. Houston (over Yao Ming)

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    vs. Houston

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    A big windmill dunk versus the Rockets.

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