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The Best L.A. Food Trucks

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Everyone in Los Angeles knows the best eats come from a truck not a restaurant and the best L.A. food trucks prove that. Open night and day, these popular food trucks travel from location to location across Southern California serving up a selection of food on the go. From the Kogi BBQ truck that started the food truck craze to others that specialize in ethnic food or sweets, it's easy to find good eats sure to please nearly everyone.

While L.A. food trucks often simply show up at scheduled locations, many food truck enthusiasts enjoy the hunt of tracking down their favorite truck in the city. Luckily for these foodies, the food trucks use the Internet and social media to communicate their locations and specials. (If you can't make it out to one of these trucks, doesn't mean you can't experience Epic Meal Time.)

In addition to posting their menus, schedules and planned locations on their official websites, many food trucks will inform their fans of other news, such as specials, using their Twitter and Facebook accounts. As if that was not enough, there are a bunch of secondary websites strictly devoted to tracking Los Angeles food trucks.

What are the best food trucks in LA? There's an estimated 200 food trucks roaming the streets of Los Angeles in total, but some are certainly better than others. Help us decide which Los Angeles food truck rules the road by voting for your favorites below.
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    Kogi BBQ

    As the father of the food truck revolution in Los Angeles, the Kogi BBQ trucks serve Korean ... more
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    Named after the French word for a cube of pork fat, the Lardon Truck specializes in gourmet ... more
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    Grill 'Em All

    Though they are perhaps best known for appearing on and winning "The Great Food Truck ... more
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    Great Balls On Tires

    Great Balls in Tires sounds like a funny name, but it really describes exactly what the L.A. more
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    The LudoTruck (also known as "LudoBites") is the mobile home of renowned French chef ... more
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    Buttermilk Truck

    As the name suggests, the Buttermilk Truck uses buttermilk in nearly all of their menu items ... more
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    Vizzi Truck

    Described as a coastal infused cuisine, the Vizzi Truck cooks up high-end dishes such as white ... more
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    While so many other food trucks specialize in burgers and sandwiches, Frysmith provides the ... more
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    Lobsta Truck

    The specialty of the house (well, truck) is the Lobsta Roll, featuring fresh lobster meat on a ... more
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    Nom Nom Truck

    Using only the best local ingredients, the Nom Nom Truck has perfected the Banh Mi, which for ... more
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    Me So Hungry Truck

    Putting big international flavors into even bigger burgers, the Me So Hungry Truck does not ... more
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    The Gastrobus

    Using an actual school bus, the Gastrobus serves up snacks and sandwiches using fresh ...
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    Sweets Truck

    The Sweets Truck lives up to their slogan of "taking sweets to the streets" with a ... more
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    India Jones Chow Truck

    The India Jones Chow Truck takes gourmet Indian cuisine to the streets. Their signature dish, ... more
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    Macho Nacho Truck

    Bringing the southwest flare of Texas to Southern California, the Macho Nacho Truck ...
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    Let's Be Frank

    Hot dogs are the specialty of this venerable San Francisco outfit which operates numerous ... more
  23. 23
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    Providing "Vietnamese home cooking on the go," Phamish has an extensive menu of ... more
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    Shrimp Pimp

    Catering to "Shrimpsters" on the streets of Los Angeles, the Shrimp Pimp truck ... more
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    Get Shaved

    The provocatively titled "Get Shaved" truck features Hawaiian shaved ice in tons of ... more
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    Crepes Bonaparte

    Featured on the Food Network series "The Great Food Truck Race" and on the Cooking ... more
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    Offering a fusion of Korean flavors with the street-food style of Mexican entrees Calbi ...
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    Meet n' Potatoes

    An unconventional take on the sandwich truck, Meet n' Potatoes offers pastrami, turkey, roast ... more
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    Baby's Badass Burgers

    Don't let the pink truck and pin-up girls fool you, the Baby's Badass Burgers truck is no ... more
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    With two trucks serving "dangerously good food," Komodo specializes in a modern ... more
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    Patty Wagon

    Exclusively using grass-fed beef the Patty Wagon prides itself on serving mini hamburgers that ... more
  32. 32
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    The Greasy Wiener

    Bringing the East Coast tradition of wieners to Southern California, The Greasy Wiener makes ... more
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    Bera’s Custom Cheese Steaks

    Using the same traditional methods that made cheese steaks must-eats in Philadelphia, Bera’s ... more
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    Ta Bom!

    Portuguese for "it's good," Ta Bom! is the only food truck in Los Angeles, ...
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    Global Soul

    Putting an international twist on new American comfort food, the Global Soul Truck serves up ... more
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    BACON MANia Truck

    Clearly the only way to make food trucks better is to make one devoted to bacon and the BACON ... more
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    Lomo Arigato

    Combining Peruvian and Japanese flavors, Lomo Arigato is the brainchild of West L.A. native ... more
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    Trailer Park Truck

  41. 41
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    Bollywood Bites Truck

    Led by experienced chef Sanjay Patel, Bollywood Bites specializes in authentic Indian food ... more
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    Dumpling Station

    Wrapping a variety of ingredients into dumpling and steaming them to perfection, the Dumpling ... more
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    Dosa Truck

    Serving "South Indian street food with a California twist," the Dosa Truck cooks ... more
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    The Mighty Boba Truck

    Serving much more than their "Mighty Concoctions" of made-to-order Boba Tea ...
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