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The Best Mass Effect Vacation Spots

List Criteria: No 'Command Shepard's Pants' entries. Only ME1/2/3 and extended universe (comics etc) locations!

If you were a denizen of the Mass Effect version of our Milkyway galaxy where would you like to holiday/vacation the most?

Would you hobnob on the Citadel Presidium, ride your tauntaun across Noveria, perhaps you'd enjoy shopping on Illium. No? Too tame for your adventurous spirit? How about trying to track down the Migrant Fleet, rock climbing in the ruins of Tuchanka or trying not to get shiv'd on Omega...

I suppose you could always visit Earth, but who'd want to go to that dump?


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    The Citadel

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    Hobnob on the presidium or get down in the wards.

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