The Best Milkshakes Companies
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The Best Milkshakes

List Criteria: Restaurants that serve cold, sweet milk shakes. yum.

The best milkshakes you can possibly buy from all the top fast food and restaurant chains. This list of the best milkshakes combines the best shakes from across the US (and the world, should you feel so inclined) in one list that can be voted on by all milkshake drinkers who have an opinion on the best frozen treats out there. These tasty milkshakes come from some of the best fast food restaurants, the best chain restaurants, and the best small chains that serve restaurants.

Whether you think the greatest milkshakes come from fast food chains like McDonald's or In-N-Out (both of which have special Neapolitan shakes on their secret menus), you're going to be challenged by folks that think Shake Shack and Denny's come in tops on the list of the most delicious milkshakes.

What fast food restaurant has the best milkshake? What restaurant chain has the greatest shakes? Vote and see! This isn't a complete list of all the best milkshake in the world (yet), so make sure to add any restaurant or food establishment that has awesome milkshakes to the the list of the top milkshakes. We're all here to get frosty, so the more opinions, the better.
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    S. Truett Cathy

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    Dave Thomas

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    Richard and Maurice McDonald, Ray Kroc

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    Wilbur Hardee

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    Phil Romano

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