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The Best Museums in Spain

A list of the most visited museums in Spain, with pictures. For some, "the most popular" means "the best", and these are definitely some of the most famous Spanish museums. Top museums are often major tourist attractions, and can be a museum of natural history, art, science, or many others. Early museums were collections owned by private individuals. Whether these collections were open to the public was up to the owner. Today, museums are institutions dedicated to the study and exhibition of art, artifacts, and other objects of importance. One can only imagine the collections necessary to make the museums on this list some of the most popular in the world.

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    Madrid, Spain Visitors: 2,763,094

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    Barcelona, Spain Visitors: 1,061,106

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    Barcelona, Spain Visitors: 686,176

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    Community of Madrid, Spain Visitors: 801,890

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    Madrid, Spain Visitors: 2,087,415

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