The Best Nba Teams to Play for Sports Teams
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The Best Nba Teams to Play for

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  1. 1

    Miami the great: there chaps, great over seas, own the town fan wise, the views of south beach, the ...

  2. 2

    Los Angeles the great: the best clippers team ever is playing now, a growing fan base, the glamor of ...

  3. 3

    Oklahoma City the great: an unlivable devoted fan base, low cost of living, great care from the teams ...

  4. 4

    New York City the great: new york teams have deep pockets and the Knicks are one of those teams, playing in ...

  5. 5

    Brooklyn Nets the great: new management, new name, town and arenathe good: sharing a big market, a clean ...

  6. 6

    Chicago the great: playing in the house that MJ built as they say, best post MJ team they have had ...

  7. 7

    Los Angeles the great: there history, there brand reaction, knowing that your still the most loved team in ...

  8. 8

    Houston the great: they got Jeramey Lin, Dwight Howard and James Harden, they have made a lot of moves ...

  9. 9

    Memphis the great: they have been to the playoffs 4 years in a row, cool looking building, nice ...

  10. 10

    Denver the great: the view from the foothills alone, the feeling of living in a swing state, good ...

  11. 11

    Indianapolis the great: management and ownership, there arena, good fans, growing team with plenty of ...

  12. 12

    New Orleans the great: the team came back after Katrina, they got the number one draft pick, there a new ...

  13. 13

    San Antonio the great: the winning streak last year, the team depth, the support the team has the good: ...

  14. 14

    Atlanta the great: had a good season last year, cool logo, Atlanta in the winter and fall, the rap ...

  15. 15

    Salt Lake City the great: a good economy, a lot of changes to the team, hey they did make to the playoffs ...

  16. 16

    Philadelphia the great: food, plenty of places to go, building team, a lot of local respect for the team.

  17. 17

    Dallas the great: more to do than you think, they won a title not that long ago, fun owner the good: ...

  18. 18

    Portland the great: pretty city, west coast time table, fun city, only game in town (outside of Oregon ...

  19. 19

    Milwaukee the great: the team colors are both common but rare as team colors, a sorta of easy deviation ...

  20. 20

    Oakland the great: the view from the bay, socially progressive area, rap history, lots of money in the ...

  21. 21

    Washington, D.C. the great: playing in the nations capital, new logo, hey Mr. Wall is still around the good: ...

  22. 22

    Boston the great: the team history, they have a new coach, Boston is one of the best sports city ...

  23. 23

    Minneapolis the great: good looking uniforms and arena, the logo and design of the hardwood, they still ...

  24. 24

    Cleveland the great: the chance to proof LeBron wrong, plenty of room for greatness, still one of the ...

  25. 25

    Charlotte the great: hey they still got a good pick in the draft, playing with Jordan as an owner, still ...

  26. 26

    Phoenix the great: warm in the valley and cool in the mountains, a growing market, room for a star the ...

  27. 27

    Orlando the great: hey you can go to Disney world whenever you want, orlando in the winter, new ...

  28. 28

    Toronto the great: a whole nation behind you, Canadian economy, more tooled for a global market, ...

  29. 29

    Auburn Hills the great: there last championship team played as a team without giant stars, Detroit can love ...

  30. 30

    Sacramento the great: the mayor use to play for the team, half way from Reno and the bay, fresh vegges ...


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