The Best NFL Running Backs of All Time Football Players (American)
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The Best NFL Running Backs of All Time

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    #1 on the original list 1968 Great Speed and moves played on a terrible team and it says alot when he ran for the most ...

  2. 2

    #2 on the original list 1954 The hardest working most dedicated player in history! All time leading rusher when h retired ...

  3. 3

    #8 on the original list 1943 Barring Barry Sanders NOBODY is comparible to his speed and Elusivenss.His play is often over ...

  4. 4

    #3 on the original list 1936 Jim Brown was the original "Beast". He was just a brute running the ball and he ...

  5. 5

    #13 on the original list 1947 O.J was just sick with the football. He played in the crappy conditions in Buffalo crappy ...


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