64 Crazy Pieces of Peep Art

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Most people are familiar with Peeps, the brightly colored, sugar-coated marshmallow chicks and bunnies available at Easter each year. They're nice enough to eat, but they're exponentially more fun to play with. In recent years, Peep art has become a true craft and the resulting Peep crafts are breathtaking.

Peep artists around the world (well, mostly the US) have taken to inserting the tiny edibles into famous scenes of pop culture, political relevance, and history with fantastic results. From a periodic table of Peeps to scenes from the Korean War to Peep-covered cars, this list of the best Peep art has every wonderful Peeps diorama, scene, and invention you can conceive of (and probably more; these Peep artists are crazy geniuses). These pictures of Peeps will have you imagining the wild things you could create with the sugary marshmallow critters.

Make sure to vote for your favorite Peep creation and enjoy the Peep show!
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