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The Best Place to Get a Tattoo

List of the best places to get a tattoo, in order of the most socially acceptable, least painful to get, and easiest to live with to the dumbest, ugliest, tackiest, most painful, and trashiest. Tattoos aren't everyone's cups of tea, but as the old poem that someone in the world probably has tattooed on his ribs goes: Diff'rent strokes for different folks. To many, the human body is a beautiful blank canvas just waiting to be inked. And while what one may choose to have permanently etched into her skin may cause a stranger or parent to be like, "Huh? Why?" frankly, she doesn't have to explain herself to you, so why don't you zip it?

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Even the act of getting tattoos means different things to the millions of people who have them. To some fanatics, each tattoo should be personal and important, carefully planned over several months - or at least weeks - and a meaningful source of pride. For others, only the most popular tattoo designs will do, be it butterfly, star, heart, tribal sun, poem, angel, ironic finger mustache, or what have you. Anything goes! Get an infinity symbol on your wrist and then wedge some dice right in beside it. Diamonds, goldfish, anchors, music notes, crosses, flowers, and other "unique" tattoo designs also available by the dozen. Flip through this idea book while you wait for your mom to pick you up.

Vote for the best places to have tattoos and the best tattoo ideas to move them up the list, and vote down the worst tattoo locations that you think are, well, whatever. At least they're not on his [blank] (fill it in) (and then upvote whatever you filled it in with).

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    Shoulder Blade

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    Upper Arm - Inside

  4. 4
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    Hipbone - Below the Belt Line

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    Inner Ankle

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    Upper Arm - Outside

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