The Best Popcorn .GIFs on the Internet Anything
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The Best Popcorn .GIFs on the Internet

When it comes to popcorn eating GIFS, which range from Michael Jackson eating popcorn to The Joker's popcorn GIF, this is a collection of animated gifs of people lying back and enjoying the show. These animated images are used on forums and comment threads all over the Internet to express your general interest in what is about to be a "show."

What are the best popcorn eating GIFs online? From a new troll, to a hotly debated topic, to even using it ironically, here are the best gifs on the Internet to throw your two cents in that this is gonna be good. You're welcome.

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  1. Eddie Griffin Eating Popcorn


  2. Conan O'Brien Popping Popcorn


  3. Cameron Diaz Feeds Alex Rodriguez Popcorn


  4. A Cute Hamster Eating Popcorn


  5. Selena Gomez Eating Popcorn


  6. Many Hamsters Eating Popcorn


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