The Best Rock-Rap Collaborations Bands/Musicians

The Best Rock-Rap Collaborations

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My favorite Hip Hop & Rock & Roll combinations
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  1. 1

    Jay-Z and Linkin Park

  2. 2

    korn ft nas

    I never thought Korn and Nas would make a great song together
  3. 3

    linkin park ft busta rhymes

  4. 4

    korn ft ice cube

    With the exception to F*ck Dying every song they did together was hardcore.
  5. 5

    limp bizkit ft method man, redman, & dmx

    Rollin was tight, Rollin remix just blew my mind
  6. 6

    run dmc & aerosmith

  7. 7

    black eyed peas ft papa roach

    This song really helps in stressful moments
  8. 8

    korn ft xzibit

    I don't know if this is a remake of public enemy's original song but either way it's tight, FIGHT THE POWER
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