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The Best Scuba Destinations In The World

Scuba diving is offered at numerous locations at the best beaches around the world, but only a select few of the hundreds of spots can qualify to be the best scuba destinations in the world. Each offering one amazing quality or another, these locations are perhaps the best in the world in which to scuba dive.

As described in the acronym of scuba, the activity involves a person diving under water using a self contained underwater breathing apparatus. The gas carried by the diver allows for deeper and/or lengthier dives as compared to snorkeling and free diving. While this sounds like something fun to do on vacation, training and certification is required in most parts of the world.

Scuba divers can see some of the most beautiful underwater sights in the world, some of the most exotic underwater life and can even explore underwater mysteries like shipwrecks. Not every scuba location will offer all of those things, but each of these top scuba locations has something special that makes it among the best and most beautiful in the world.

Scuba diving is one of those activities where, once you try it, you'll be addicted so pick one of these top scuba destinations around the world and jump right in!

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