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The Best Simpsons Gags

List Criteria: Full gags - can be visual or require many steps to the payoff, but no single quotes.

There are as many great Simpsons gags as there are cats for the Crazy Cat Lady to throw at you. And so I turn to the internet (I think she's talking to you) for your greatest of all time. I am starting the list with these... and, really, I almost can't rank them... its like picking which of your children you love more. Vote, rank... and please, ADD your favorite gags. ( btw, Simpsons clips are taken down from YouTube all the time by Fox ).

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    The Vending Machines

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    Episode: Marge on the Lam

    Homer gets both his hands trapped inside two vending machines in the plant after work hours. After being trapped for hours, the firemen arrive.

    Fireman 1: Homer, this...this is never easy to say. I'm going to have to saw your arms off. (brandishes a buzzsaw)
    Homer: (plaintive) They'll grow back, right?
    Fireman 1: Oh, er, yeah.
    Homer: Whew!
    Fireman 2: Wait Homer, are you just holding onto the can?
    Homer: Your point being...?
    (cut to Homer walking out of the Plant to the sound of the firemen laughing, and then running away)

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