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The Best Ski Movies

List Criteria: Only Movies that feature skiing as a plot point.

List of the greastest ski movies of all time includes the funniest snow movies including the best 80s ski movies and going all the way to the new ski and snowboard movies hitting theaters currently. These are films with stories that feature skiing as a central theme. If you believe we've left a top ski movie off of this list, please feel free to add it to the list yourself. Skiing has been popular for millennia, but surprisingly ski movies didn't reach their golden age until the 80's. Ski films were so popular during this era, that 30 years later they're now even parodied. The best 80s ski movies were so good that they can never be replicated now.

What are the best ski movies ever? This list includes all genres of ski movies (although virtually all of them are comedies). Also, keep in mind that this list focuses on snow skiing instead of water skiing. If you love hitting the mountains on skis then these are the movies for you. Pick your favorite movies about skiing and vote for them so they rise to the top! Share this skiing movies list with your friends to compare your tastes.
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    Savage Steve Holland Released: 1985

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    Bill Plympton Released: 1984

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    Patrick Hasburgh Released: 1993

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    Rich Correll Released: 1990

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    Steve Pink Released: 2010

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    new! & added by wiabux Damian Lee Released: 1991

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    Emmett Malloy, Brendan Malloy Released: 2001

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    added by pinkbunnyrabbit19 Peter R. Hunt

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    Lewis Gilbert Released: 1977

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    added by wiabux Adam Green

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    Michael Ritchie Released: 1969

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    Alan Rafkin Released: 1965

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    Jonathan Schwartz Released: 2005

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