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The Best TV Show Finales

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Everyone knows where they were when they're favorite show ended, they were glued to the TV. When you spent 11 seasons, or 5 seasons watching a show, you feel as if you become a part of it. The characters become your friends, and their world becomes an escape from your own. So when as show leaves the air there's a a big hole, most of the time the series will try to answer all the questions that 100+ episodes have left you with and let everyone go off and lead happy lives...which can sometimes really suck. But that's not the case for these shows, these are the shows that ended the right way. You can vote up the ones your think did it best, and vote down the worst, or even better add your own!. Here are the best TV show finales.

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    MASH lasted 11 seasons and ended in a two-and a half hour TV movie that aired Feb. 28, 1983 and is still the highest rated series finale ever. By the end of the episode, the war has drawn to an exhausted close, and the residents of the 4077th are scattering after many tearful farewells. The teariest is saved for last. As Hawkeye (Alan Alda) takes off in a chopper, he spies a message from his old pal B.J. (Mike Farrell): ''Goodbye'' spelled out in stones on the launch pad.
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    After ten years Ross and Rachel were finally in it for good, Monica and Chandler had twins, Phoebe was happily married to Mike, and Joey had a new chick and a duck. All wrapped up in a nice little bow.
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    It left a lot of unanswered questions, but when you're in purgatory you don't get answers.
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    Bob Newhart had co created and starred in not one, but two of the most beloved tv shows of the 80's, the Bob Newhart show and Newhart. They were both critically acclaimed and when it came time for Newhart to end, they treated everyone to an amazing twist ending. It turns out the entire show was a dream as Bob turns over in his bed to talk to his wife from the original Bob Newhart Show.
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    Possibly the most cherished show of an entire generation of geeks, Buffy the Vampire Slayer was seven seasons of vampire killing awesomeness. Every year saw the ante get upped in the way of big finishes. Season 5's finish saw Buffy leap to her death before switching to a different network, but it was Season 7 that was the shows crowning achievement. With the way the show had been written throughout it's entire run, the audience knew all cards were on the table. It was perfectly reasonable to expect that no one would survive. Several fan favorite characters bit the farm and some made heroic last stands, but ultimately it was the complete destruction of the Hellmouth (the city of Sunnydale) that made the final e worth it.
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    With all the ups and downs, the death and the life, the finale followed suit.
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    A controversial ending, but many appreciate it for staying true to the show's core message that there is no end to the fight they are fighting. 
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    In the end Clark comes to terms with the fact that he is Superman for better or worse and flies off into the night.
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    The sitcom about aliens learning the human lifestyle came to an end after six seasons. NOTE: This is the ending that appeared in syndication. The NBC ending cut out the last 40 seconds.
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    HBO's The Wire wrapped everything up nicely Carcetti (Aidan Gillan) was elected governor, Carver (Seth Gilliam) was promoted to lieutenant, and McNulty (Dominic West) celebrated his forced early retirement from the po-lice with a traditional Irish wake.
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    The girls push and pull relationship comes to a close in this touching ending. Both of them have grown up and both of them take pride in each other and the road they traveled.
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    Following suit of wrapping everything up nicely this series tied up all lose ends with a nice happy ending.
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    ER was a great drama for a long time, remember when Dr. Benton took Carter to rehab after that intense intervention? Or when Mark Green died in Hawaii? Endings are hit and miss, and ER hit they let us reminisce about Dr. Mark Greene (Anthony Edwards) when his daughter Rachel (Hallee Hirsh) toured the hospital and ended up doing her medical training there. The end was the way it was in the beginning, a medical emergency and the doctors go back to saving lives. It was a nice way to pull the plug.
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