The Best Way to Fix The American Political System Anything

The Best Way to Fix The American Political System

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How would you best fix a political system that all Americans (no matter which side of the spectrum they fall on) can agree is broken? Vote on the ideas you think would work best, and add any brilliant thoughts you might have.

Our System's failure starts with the ever-turning wheel of the election cycle and the politicians that slavishly turn it. If all public office means is doing what you have to do and saying what you have to say to get, first elected, and then re-elected? If serving the money that serves the campaign is all a politician is and does... how can that person serve the interests of the people who elected them? If a representative government's representatives don't represent? What do we do to fix it? This is a system that is happy to keep going the way it is, it's a massive industry, and billions of dollars drive it. It's not in the System's best interests to fix itself, and the System has nothing to gain from divorcing itself from monied interests. It's a bad spot we are all in, and it's going to very hard to pry this machine out of the track it is on.

List Criteria: Wide-sweeping political changes only. Please no partisan nonsense.

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    Lobbying Regulation

    Take bribes out of government, and maybe the government starts acting on the interests of the ... more
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    Term Limits

    If a politician didn't have to spend all their time making sure they got re-elected, they ... more
  3. 3
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    A Real Third Party

    This is one Americans could actually accomplish if a third party didn't have to rely on money ... more
  4. 4
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    Media Deconsolidation

    When the media drives the trends and how we think and the questions we ask... it serves no one ... more
  5. 5
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    Make Educated Choices When Voting

    added by: zxray
    Vote based on facts, not media interpretation of Vice President Biden said, America ... more
  6. 6
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    Stop Letting the Media Tell You How to Vote

    added by: zxray
    Hope and Change, I wear Boxers not Briefs....Remember Patti La Belle at The Inauguration? ... more
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    Public Financing of Elections

    This one, alone, might do more to fix things. Remove money from elections and our politicians ... more
  8. 8
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    Enforced Regulations of Monied Interests

    It's hard to make these guys play by rules, when they are writing them. It's hard to get a ... more
  9. 9
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    Adhering to the American Constitution.

    added by: Bootsdad
    The U.S Constitution has enabled America to become the greatest nation man has ever created. more
  10. 10
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    Require Politicians to Follow the Law

    added by: marcooch76
    There are laws about passing budgets by a define date
  11. 11
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    Transparency for Super PACs

    added by: zxray
    In the United States, a Political Action Committee (PAC) is a type of organization that pools ... more
  12. 12
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    Politicians to Have Obama Care Health Plan

    added by: marcooch76
  13. 13
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    Change Inside Trading Laws for Politicians

    added by: marcooch76
  14. 14
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    Politicians Require to Follow the Budget Laws

    added by: marcooch76
  15. 15
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    Politicians Not Allow to Become Lobbiest

    added by: marcooch76
  16. 16
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    No image
    added by: MärkjaKlumpfiskur
  17. 17
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    Politicians to Be Held Legally Libel for Their Statement

    added by: marcooch76
  18. 18
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    Stop Electing Lawyers Into Office

    added by: zxray
    Seriously? They are ALL Lawyers for the most part.....
  19. 19
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    Politician Have No Pension Plan Only 401k

    added by: marcooch76
  20. 20
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    Government to Have Obama Care As Their Health Care

    added by: marcooch76
  21. 21
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    Drop the Requirement of Paying Fees to Run for Public Office

    added by: zxray
    State and Local levels.
  22. 22
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    Abide by the Constitution

    added by: udontneedtoknowmyname
  23. 23
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    Don't Let Technology Trump Civil Liberty and Freedom.

    added by: kaylive
    if you dont think of what is coming it will take a route all its own and that route not ...
  24. 24
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    Stop Politician from Promoting Race and Class Warfare

    added by: marcooch76
  25. 25
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    Limit or Kill Wedge Issues.

    added by: kaylive
    Stuff like Gay, Guns and God should dont be the deviding line in the national debates.
  26. 26
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    Illegal Engagement of War

    added by: marcooch76
  27. 27
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    Down 7
    added by: udontneedtoknowmyname
  28. 28
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    Built the Fence On the United States Mexico Border

    added by: udontneedtoknowmyname
  29. 29
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    Re-Institute Moral Based Education

    added by: zxray
    Can a society depend on generations of young people to make the right choices, do the right ... more
  30. 30
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    added by: udontneedtoknowmyname
  31. 31
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    Down 9
    added by: udontneedtoknowmyname
  32. 32
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    added by: udontneedtoknowmyname
  33. 33
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    No More Party System

    added by: udontneedtoknowmyname
  34. 34
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    Legalize Weed

    added by: PeteBoyle
    Mugs need to relax ya'll
  35. 35
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    A Bloody Coup

    added by: Dismalhead
  36. 36
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    irv voting

    added by: MärkjaKlumpfiskur
  37. 37
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    Remove Government.

    added by: Mark4398
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