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The Biggest Concert Disasters Ever Anything

The Biggest Concert Disasters Ever

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Caused by fires, stampedes, stage collapses and even homicide, the biggest concert disasters ever unfortunately caused hundreds of deaths throughout the years. Despite tight security and the best intentions, these concertgoers paid the ultimate price to see their favorite performers at these unfavorable events.

The summer of 2011 was especially deadly for outdoor concerts when at least 11 deaths occurred within a matter of days at two separate stage collapses. On August 13, 2011, the stage at the Indiana State Fair took six lives while five more were lost five days later at the Pukkelpop Festival.

While these deaths were weather related, others were later ruled criminal. Pantera fans will never forget the 2004 show in which guitarist Dimebag Darrell Abbott was shot while performing on stage with the band Damageplan in Ohio. Years earlier, at a free Rolling Stones concert in 1969, another man was killed after he was stabbed by a security guard.

Sadly, the concert disasters and deaths don't end there as numerous others were killed in nightclub fires and stampedes. Whatever the cause, these unfortunate events have claimed entirely too many lives and injured far too many as well. 

What are the worst concert disasters ever? Take a look here to see the sad stories.
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    2011 Indiana State Fair

    Moments before the country music duo Sugarland was set to take the stage, concertgoers at the Indiana State Fair were shocked when the massive stage collapsed right in front of them. On Saturday, August 13, 2011, six people were killed in the Indiana State Fair stage collapse at the event in Indianapolis, Indiana. Around 50 others were injured.

    The Sugarland stage collapse, which was chronicled on a graphic and terrifying amateur video, was caused by a strong thunderstorm entering the area. Wind gusts as strong as 70 mph caused the metal scaffolding holding the lights and other equipment to fall forward and into the crowd in front of the stage.

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    2011 Pukkelpop Festival

    Becoming the second tragedy of its kind in under a week, at least five deaths and more than 70 injuries were a result of a stage collapse at the 2011 Pukkelpop Festival. Tents, video screens and stages were brought to the ground as a strong storm with damaging winds entered the area on Thursday, August 18, 2011.

    The event, which took place in Hasselt, Belgium, was cancelled after the tragedy. Among the acts scheduled to appear were Eminem, the Offspring, the Kills, Lykke Li, the Deftones, Wild Beasts and Odd F*ture the Twilight Singers.

  3. 3

    2004 Damageplan Columbus Concert

    Killing a founding member of the metal band Pantera, the 2004 Damageplan concert at the Alrosa Villa in Columbus, Ohio, on December 8, 2004, ended early after gunman Nathan Gale opened fire inside the crowded club. Gale shot guitarist "Dimebag" Darrell Lance Abbott three times, killing him on stage.

    Another three people, including one member of the band's security, a club employee and a fan attempting CPR on Abbott were also killed. Damageplan drum technician John "Kat" Brooks was one of seven others injured in the shooting.

  4. 4

    1979 The Who Cincinnati Concert

    Excited to get a prime place on the general-admission main floor at the Riverfront Coliseum (now U.S. Bank Arena) in Cincinnati, Ohio, concertgoers broke down one door to the venue and started a stampede towards the stage. Hundreds followed, rushing the doors and causing numerous others to be caught underfoot.

    Prior to the December 3, 1979, show, 11 were killed and another 26 were injured. As a result, two f*ture concerts at the venue, Blue Oyster Cult and Aerosmith, were cancelled. Additionally, Cincinnati mayor Ken Blackwell pushed to end the general admission festival seating policy in an effort to prevent similar tragedies, however that ban was quickly overturned.

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    Putting a damper on Memorial Day weekend, the Beverly Hills Supper Club fire caused 165 deaths and 200 injuries on Saturday, May 28, 1977. As the third-deadliest nightclub fire in U.S. history, as many as 3,000 people were in the building in Southgate, Kentucky, at the time of the deadly fire.

    Prior to a show from actor and singer John Davidson, smoke from a fire filled several rooms within the Beverly Hills Supper Club. Though the building was evacuated, the sheer number of patrons inside and too few fire exits made the task difficult. Many were unable to escape the rapidly spreading fire, which also caused the roof to collapse, and perished in the blaze.

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