The Biggest Sports Team Collapses in History Sports Teams
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The Biggest Sports Team Collapses in History

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Call them sports failures or call them upsets - either way, these sports teams and athletes embarrassed themselves and shocked people around the globe by making history, and not in a good way. These professional MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL teams, as well as individual athletes, squandered leads, stunk up their seasons or lost at the worst possible moments to create the biggest sports collapses of all time.

At best, these teams and athletes prove that where there is great expectation is often where the biggest disappointments arise. At worst, they've made fools of themselves in such a way as for it to go down in history.

These sports teams had huge leads in games, were way ahead in the standings or had nearly almost won a game, series or championship but at the last minute collapsed and lost. It's not the best way to remember these teams, but unfortunately their collapses live on in infamy.