The Casket Girls' Top 10 Reasons Why 2013 Was Awesome

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The Casket Girls, a trio hailing from one of America's true gems, Savannah, Ga, are poised to be one of the next big names known for sweet Southern charm. . From their beginning — when electronic sound-shaper Ryan Graveface (Black Moth Super Rainbow) found sisters Phaedra and Elsa Greene under a tree in one of Savannah’s many squares, playing autoharp and singing bizarre songs — to the night they composed their sophomore album, True Love Kills the Fairy Tale.

The Casket Girls have gained momentum and a substantial cult following due to the unflagging catchiness of their songwriting and the compelling development of their live stage show. They've spent the last year and a half touring. Last year, they released a self-titled EP on Record Store Day, and a ”cassingle” on Cassette Store Day.

With their album slated to drop in February 2014, Elsa Greene took some time to look back at 2013 and gave her 10 reasons why the year was so awesome.
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