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Catchiest Viral Internet Songs of All Time

These viral songs and music videos on YouTube are not just a list of funny YouTube songs but are all the best viral songs on the Internet. The catchiest viral Internet songs of all time are not only the pesky songs that get stuck in our heads but are also some of the best creations ever to come about in the early Internet times. From the original gangster meme of the hamster dance to the Trolololo to the classic Rick Roll, these songs are the best of the best available on YouTube.

Almost any video on YouTube can go from being nothing to completely viral, providing it has something that makes it hilarious, bizarre, or so awful that it's  actually awesome. There's no exact science to becoming an Internet meme, but as these catchy Internet songs prove, once you reach virtual stardom, there is no going back. Ah, the power of the Internet. I'm sure even the musically oblivious 8th grader would approve.
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    OK Go - Here It Goes Again

    Making OK Go a household name, "Here It Goes Again" is not only an Internet sensation but also a billboard hit, having entered the top 40 after its 2006 debut. What exactly made this random video from a random band a hit? The elaborate video, featuring the band dancing on treadmills, was filmed in a single take that needed 17 tries to perfect, that's what. OK Go went on to perform the dance at the 2006 VMAs and took home a Grammy Award for the video. Not bad for some unknown indie group from Chicago!

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    Keyboard Cat

    Using footage originally shot in 1984, "Keyboard Cat" not only wears clothes, but he also plays an electronic keyboard, much to the envy of other cats around the world. When Keyboard Cat isn't playing people off stage after a poor performance, he's appearing in commercials, television shows, and video games. Okay, really this cat is not that special, rather a cat named Fatso being maneuvered by his owner, Charlie Schmidt. Whatever, it works.

    Play us off Keyboard Cat.

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    Look At My Horse Added by: Brian Gilmore

    This is along the lines of those viral videos that are popular purely for how random they are. The confidence and drive with which this song contains actually makes sense, though, is what makes it so great.

    If this song were a person, it would probably think it was perfectly normal. This is why this song rules.

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    Double Rainbow

    What's better than one rainbow? Two rainbows, now forever known as the magical "Double Rainbow." First shown in a YouTube video by Hungrybear9562, who cries in awe of the beautiful sight, the "Double Rainbow" was transformed into a catchy Auto-Tune song by the masterminds behind the "Bed Intruder Song," The Gregory Brothers. It's so bright, so vivid, ahhh!

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    Pants on the Ground Added by: kittypurr33

    Making the competition reality show "American Idol" relevant again, at least for a moment, "Pants on the Ground" first came to us as performed by General Larry Platt during "Idol" auditions in 2010. Reflecting on the poor fashion habits of youth these days deemed successful for Pratt and the song, which he later recorded with American King Music and performed outside the Grammy Awards.

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