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Catchiest Viral Internet Songs of All Time

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Viral songs on YouTube, with videos, is not just a list of funny YouTube songs, but all the best viral songs on the internet. The catchiest viral Internet songs of all time are not only the pesky songs that get stuck in our heads but also some of the best creations ever to come about in the early Internet times. From the original gangster meme of the hamster dance to the Trolololo to the classic Rick Roll, these songs are the best of the best available on YouTube.

Almost anything can rise from being just another Internet video to full blown viral video providing it has something that makes it hilarious, bizarre or so awful that it's awesome. There's no exact science to becoming an Internet meme, but, as these catchy Internet songs prove, once you reach virtual stardom, there is no going back. Ah, the power of the Internet. I'm sure even the musically oblivious 8th grader would approve.
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    Never Gonna Give You Up

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    Perhaps known best for it's use in the bait-and-switch gimmick known as the Rick Roll, the 1987 classic "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley is easily one of the best things ever invented. We've all been there. Your friend sends a link to what he claims is either completely awesome or so scandalous that you have to click. Next thing you know you're watching Astley sing and dance, knowing you've been Rick Rolled. Sneaky, but brilliant!

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