The Coolest Employers in Tech Companies
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The Coolest Employers in Tech

The coolest employers in tech are those that have employees who are actually happy to show up to work each day. These range from electronic shopping stores, vintage men's clothing stores, or cheap women's clothing sites.These employees are productive, content, and motivated. This list includes some of the coolest tech employers around, and hats off to them for earning a spot. Don't agree? Vote the company down, by all means. But if you do agree that a company listed here is truly worthy of a spot, be sure to vote it up (and add any other cool tech employers that are missing).

What constitutes the "cool" factor when it comes to tech employers? That depends. Some tech companies offer great perks to workers (think Google on this one, because really, all that's missing at the GooglePlex is an indoor water park, and that's probably coming). Others make employees instant millionaires by going public (ahem, Facebook). Even without all of these mega-perks, some tech company employers earn the cool tag by simply offering a laid-back, interesting, stimulating place to work on a daily basis.

Obviously, you can't please everyone all the time, but when a majority of your employees enjoy what they do and where they do it job-wise, you've succeeded. You've earned the cool points, and deserve a spot on this list. Time to weigh in: Who are the absolute best and coolest employers in tech?
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    Telecom Equipment, Telecommunications More
  2. 52
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    Computer, Computer Storage Device Manufacturing More
  3. 53
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    Internet Publishing and Broadcasting and Web Search Portal More
    added by: cdu827
  4. 54
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    Down 40
  5. 55
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    Fixed Network Operator, Telecommunications, Wired Telecommunications ... More
    added by: arun
  6. 56
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    Online marketing, Advertising Agencies, Advertising More
    added by: Ariel Kana
  7. 57
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    often listed &ranked high on reranks

    added by: cdu827
  8. 58
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    Software More
  9. 59
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    Down 39
    added by: arun
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  11. 61
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    Telecom Equipment, Optical Networks Equipment More
  12. 62
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    Down 35
    added by: kaylive
  13. 63
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    Social Network More
    added by: DeborahMacArthurAldegarie
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