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"The Counselor" movie quotes keep the action moving in the thriller about one attorney's foray into drug trafficking. The film was directed by Ridley Scott using a screenplay by Cormac McCarthy, the first original screenplay from the Pulitzer Prize winner. After appearing at several film festivals, "The Counselor" opened in theaters on October 25, 2013.

In "The Counselor," Michael Fassbender portrays the title character, a greedy attorney who receives an offer he cannot refuse. He agrees to participate in drug trafficking, something many warn him of but a risk he is willing to take for the payoff. With this deal, The Counselor could have it all, wealth, excitement and a lovely fiance, Laura (Penelope Cruz), who is beyond naive as to his dealings.

Along the way, The Counselor meets a number of colorful characters including middleman Westray (Brad Pitt) and Reiner and Malkina (Javier Bardem and Cameron Diaz, respectively), a mysterious couple who work with him on the drug trade. Things soon take many dark and scary turns however putting Laura in danger and forcing The Counselor to make some tough decisions.

"The Counselor" joins theaters which are already stacked with other great films such as "Escape Plan," "The Fifth Estate," "Captain Phillips," "Gravity," "Machete Kills," "Runner Runner," "Don Jon," "Rush, "Prisoners,", "Enough Said," "The Family," and "Riddick,".
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The Truth Has No Temperature

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Reiner: "You like it because it reminds you of somewhere else?"
Malina: "That's not why I like it. I like it for itself."
Reiner: "It doesn't have to be like somewhere else?"
Malkina: "No"
Reiner: "Do I remind you of someone else?"
Malkina: "Yes, you do."
Reiner: "Someone you miss?"
Malkina: "Someone who is dead. I don't think I miss things. I think to miss something is to hope that it will come back, but it's not coming back."
Reiner: "You don't think that's a bit cold?"
Malkina: "The truth has no temperature."

A casual interaction between Reiner and Malkina soon turns serious when she remarks that truth has no temperature. To make the truth less than cold, it first needs to be cheerful on its own.
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License to Steal

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Reiner: "Counselor, I always thought that a law degree was a license to steal but you for one haven't really capitalized on it."

As Reiner sells the idea of getting involved in drug trafficking with The Counselor, he reminds him of the power he holds as a lawyer. The Counselor can get away with things others in his position cannot, something The Counselor decides to exploit.
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You Don't Know Someone Until You Know What They Want

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The Counselor: "What do you do with the money?"
Westray: "Mine goes offshore. We can talk about it if you like but you can't use my people."
The Counselor: "All right"
Westray: "Okay, what else?" You seem unsettled."
The Counselor: "I'm all right."
Westray: "If you're not in, you need to tell me."
The Counselor: "Why?"
Westray: "Because you don't know someone until you know what they want is why. I can't advise you, Counselor."
The Counselor: "But you are advising me."
Westray: "I just need you to be sure that you're locked in, cause I don't know. Maybe I should tell you what Mickey Rourke told what's his face. That's my recommendation anyway, Counselor, don't do it."
The Counselor: "This arson is a serious crime."
Westray: "Yeah, and so is this."

Westray, a middleman, talks with The Counselor about the deal. The Counselor has questions and is clearly conflicted, something Westray wants to eliminate before going forward.
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We All Have Secrets

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Malkina: "So, have you set a date?"
Laura: "Not yet. I really want to get married in the church."
Malkina: "So you're a church lady?"
Laura: "I go. It's important to me."
Malkina: "And what about confession?"
Laura: "Yeah"
Malkina: "Does the priest ever ask you about sex?"
Laura: "He doesn't ask but you're supposed to tell him about everything."
Malkina: "And suppose you've done something like really nasty, he doesn't press you for the details?"
Laura: "I don't, I don't think so."
Malkina: "You're blushing. Just rattling your cage. What a world."
Laura: "You think the world is strange."
Malkina: "I meant yours."
Malkina: "That's a nice ring."
Malkina: "Want to know how much it's worth?"
Laura: "No"
Malkina: "You really don't, do you?"
Laura: I really don't."
Malkina: "You should be careful what you wish for, angel, because we all have secrets."

Malkina, Reiner's lady, talks with Laura, The Counselor's lady, at a spa. Malkina knows that Laura is quite naive, knowing that Laura has no idea what her fiance is up to, and casually points that out to her.
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Moral Decisions

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Reiner: "Counselor, if you pursue this road that you've embarked upon, you will eventually come to moral decisions that will take you completely by surprise. You won't see it coming at all."
The Counselor: "Well I don't intend to take this up as a trade."
Reiner: "Yeah, a one-time deal, right?"

Thought Reiner wants The Counselor to participate in this drug trafficking deal, he also wants The Counselor to be prepared for the risks. The moral decisions that come with the job however cannot be predicted.
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How Bad Is It?

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Laura: "How bad is it?"
Westray: "Let's say pretty bad… then multiply it by ten."

While Laura is freaking out at what The Counselor has gotten himself into, Westray explains that it's not simply pretty bad, rather ten times that.
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Have You Been Bad?

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The Counselor: "I intend to love you until I die."
Laura: "Me first"
The Counselor: "Will you?"
Laura: "Yes, I will."

The Counselor: "I have something to discuss with you and I'm a bit scared."
Laura: "Have you been bad?"

Laura and The Counselor get engaged over dinner. Laura is elated at first but the naive woman has little idea what her now-fiance is about to tell her next.
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Things That People Are Simply Incapable Of

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Westray: "You may think there are things that these people are simply incapable of. There are not."
The Counselor: "I will try and remember that."
Westray: "Good"

Westray tries his best to warn The Counselor about the dangers of taking on this drug trafficking offer by reminding him that anything is possible. While The Counselor thinks he knows that, what is about to happen will still blow his mind.