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The Countries Of Antarctica All Places
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The Countries Of Antarctica

Does Antarctica have countries? No, it does not. The common misconception that the territories claimed by various sovereign nations in Antarctica are independent countries is not correct. This list of all countries in Antarctica is actually a list of the countries that have claimed territory in Antarctica with the names of the Antarctic territories.

What countries are in Antarctica? List of Antarctica nations, including an Antarctica countries and capitals list, can be viewed here. This list of Antarctic countries and list of Antarctic capitals is listed in alphabetical order. Sort countries of Antarctica and capitals of Antarctica countries by their respective column.
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    Europe British Antarctic Territory

  2. 2

    Oceania Ross Dependency

  3. 3

    Adélie Land

  4. 4

    Europe Peter I Island, Queen Maud Land

  5. 5

    Oceania Australian Antarctic Territory

  6. 6

    Latin America Antártica

  7. 7

    Latin America Argentine Antarctica


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