The Cutest Baby Videos in Internet History Anything
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The Cutest Baby Videos in Internet History

The best in cute baby videos on the internet. These are the most viral, well-known cute baby videos on YouTube from some of the cutest babies ever to hit the internet. If you like funny and cute baby videos, these videos will make you smile and feel a bit refreshed. Nothing is quite like an adorable baby when it comes to putting a smile your face. Babies are cute, so€” it's no surprise that some of the most popular videos on YouTube are baby videos. Enjoy.

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    Secret Baby Talk

    Only they know what they're saying, and it sounds really, really important.

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    Adorable Baby Girl Talking to Her Dad on the Phone


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    Vinaini's Dance Performance - 1 year Old

    Vinaini is a teenager now. But this video was shot when she was just older than a year. 1 year old baby trying to put up an Indian Classical Dance show. Awesome.

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    Funny Baby

    I love you; you love me; I love your shoe; I love it's taste.

  5. 2

    A Baby Eating His First Lemon

    No parents miss to take a clip of their baby's first stint with lemon. Expressions and emotions of each baby is so varied; cute nonetheless.

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    Two Babies Talk to Each Other in Baby

    For those of you fluent in baby, this video should be really easy to understand.

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