The Definitive Greatest Film Supercuts of All Time

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With all these film supercuts, Mega-Cuts, compilations and mash-ups going around, it's time to put them in one place (and attribute the credit accordingly, of course.) Here is the definitive list of (worth-watching) film supercuts, mash-ups, compilations or whatever you call them. From Nic Cage "losing his s**t" to bullies coming up with creative insults to dancing, here is a constantly-updating list of film super-cuts so you can watch them all at once, then go outside and realize how nice it is to be away from a computer. And then go back to your master immediately!

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    250 Introductions

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    Sometimes while watching these Mega-Cuts, you come to the realization that there really are an insane amount of different stitchings in our cultural fabric, as a society. And sometimes while watching these Mega-Cuts you also realize the sad "what did I do with my life" amount of movies you've seen when you can identify all but 3 films in an 8 minute Mega-Cut.

    If you think about it, though, this was probably the easiest one to make by far. All you need is to find the part of the movie where the most iconic characters in film history introduce themselves. So, in that respect, a lazy cut, but there's something so incredibly moving about hearing some of the greatest characters in film history say their own freakin' name.

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    40 Inspirational Speeches in 2 Minutes

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    When football teams are losing by several touchdowns at halftime, when you spend all day cleaning just to have the kids come home to mess it up, or for when the McRib goes away again (the McRib is seriously the deadbeat dad of fast food), they really should just play this video for people.

    It's easy to tune out when your furrow-browed, white-haired coach is yelling at you, but it's a lot harder to space out when people like Morgan Freeman and John Belushi are telling you to perk up and get your s**t straight. Even if you're getting up right now to grab some more Cheetos (doesn't that sound good? C'monnn...), you're going to do it with pride. Why? Because you deserve it (because you watched this video)!

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    The Stanley Kubrick One-Point Perspective Supercut

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    There Are Two Kinds of People Supercut

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    Nic Cage Gets Pissed

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    I didn't think Disney hired people who had any kind of negative image whatsoever, I mean they fired Keith Richards because they got inside information that he had tried drugs that one time (which really, it was a surprise to all of us.) Despite all of this, they got Nicolas Cage to star in the National Treasure movies even when he has scenes and movies like these.

    The greatest ones come from, well, every movie, where you kind of realize Nicolas Cage is sort of a crazy actor. I mean, if you're a director looking to cast someone and you want crazy, that's who you get. But what would it feel like to make the decision "Nicolas Cage. I want to WORK with Nicolas Cage..."? The answer, I imagine, is "dirty".

    BONUS: Check the guy's shirt in the background at 1:24. Subtle script cue for Cage?

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    The Arnold Schwarzenegger I'll Be Back Supercut

    This happened way more often than I remember it.

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    Movie Insults

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    Is calling your friends "douchebag" and "poopie-butt" getting old? Well no worry, the 80s and early 90s language-exploration period (where people were more generally into grossing each other out descriptively or referencing bathroom items in order to prove a point) is here to save the day!

    These are the 100 Best Movie Insults of All Time and they're pretty damned good.

    Language is NSFW, obviously, depending on where you work.

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    Famous Last Words

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    Behind public speaking, death is the second biggest fear in the world, in case you've never heard Jerry Seinfeld speak.

    Before we ask why public speaking is first, we should ask why death is even on the list. I'm more afraid I won't be able to think of anything bad-ass to say right before I die.

    The people in this video are pros at it, so learn in case you're ever in intense enough pain to know that your life is about to end. Then make sure someone's listening (but be quick about it, "you guys, seriously!" are the worst imaginable last words I can think of), then recite one of these bad boys. Any one could work. Especially Yoda's.

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    "We've Got Company"

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    This is another go-to for Hollywood screenwriters. What I don't understand, though, is why they don't just say "Uh-oh, here they come" or "they're here". I guess it has to do with a "cool factor" kind of thing.

    But I'm just saying, if you're killing hookers or something with your friends, and a cop rolls up, "We've got company" won't be the first thing you say. It'll probably be more like "Oh s**t".

    None the less, it's a great one, but it really illustrates how forced this line can come out if in the wrong pacing/context.

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    The Definitive Film Knife Fights Supercut

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    Arnold Schwarzenegger Screams

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    Nobody can scream like Ahnold. As a California resident, I've always dreamed of our governor's campaign for re-election, with posters that read "I'll Be Back." Because other people vote based on humor...right?

    This is over 7 minutes of Arnold doing his iconic scream that sounds more like a choking muppet. After a while, you get numb to them, but still laugh your ass off at the scenes where Arnold could not have possibly been mic'd up, so they did the scream later in ADR and you realize it's hilarious that hsomeone said "oh, we need him to scream while jumping off that crate".

    It's about the subtlety, folks.

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    "You Look Like Shit"

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    For all the instances of people being told they look like s**t in movies, I've never once been told that in real life -- I don't know about you. Usually, it's "You look amazing," or "You look good today," or "Did you get taller?", or "You smell successful", or "Are you clean?" or "It came back positive..." (which is always negative.)

    Here's a "You look like s**t" collection that's pretty damned impressive. The breadth that they have is insane, and the great part is that after a while, the words either stop meaning anything, or start meaning more. For me they started meaning more and the very concept of someone looking like what comes out of our butts made me start laughing my ass off... but maybe that was less the video and more that thing in this water pipe I found.

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    Cut Slides 101

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    Probably the most dramatic way to die in a movie is by way of cut-slide. I actually discovered this because I wanted to make that list with some friends, then I found this on YouTube and my "original idea" went down the crapper.

    I think the best thing about these is the look on people's faces right before they slide off. That or the sound they make (like a wet, crumpled bag, or like when gross dudes take their underwear off.)

    Enjoy this incredibly, incredibly original idea that only a genius would think of.

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    A Tribute to the 80s Bully

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    A lot of people are saying, with the resurgence of electronic music and bright-colored clothing, that the 80s comeback is making a comeback (we're taking it back, Hipstiers).

    Here's another supercut filled with insults. It's chockfull stuff like "you're a booger fart" and everything you had to spend years and thousands of dollars in therapy to forget they used to call you.

    The best part is at 0:44. I won't ruin it for you.

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    "Get Out Of There!"

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    I never realized how prevalent this one was, but then I thought about how often people in movies are in places they shouldn't be. I wish someone had been there to tell me this about my ex-girlfriend, HEY-OH! *Golf swing* Woo! Tip ya bahtendas.

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    Turn the Camera Off

  17. 17

    It's Gonna Blow!

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    See also: Furry Oral Sex Montage. But you can find that on your own.

    These are obviously all explosions, although it could've used at least one cartoon whale.

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    You know that feeling you get when you turn around and see your apartment door closing, with your forgotten keys still inside?

    Or when you wake up, and it's 2:30pm on the day of your morning exam? Or waking up already late for work? How about when you realize you're now one of
    the greatest villains in pop culture history that was neutered in every third movie in both your trilogies?

    Well, so do these film characters.

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    "I Could Tell You But I'd Have To Kill You"

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    This one's a mashup of everyone's favorite Tom Cruise line. It even starts out with the Top Gun clip that made it cool to reference it ironically. Ever since, you'll notice that this is never meant seriously anymore. It is ALWAYS a punchline. An awesome line from Pulp comics, Mafia movies and stories about complete badasses is now something "cute" that you say "when you don't mean it."

    Anyway, sometimes the punchline works, sometimes it's just cheesy, but either way, nobody means it when they say it anymore (*marriage flashback*)

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    "I've Got A Bad Feeling About This"

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    No, this is not a Black Eyed Peas parody video, it's a compilation of every time someone says, you guessed it, "I've got a bad feeling about this" in a movie. Well, not every time, but every memorable time that this editor cared to throw into this thing.

    It's probably the most unproductive thing you could say in any situation, really, because when did negativity ever get you out of a trash compactor room. Also, whenever they say it, it's usually too late.

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