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The Ego Has Landed

Kanye West's ego-maniacal, narcissistic antics have been well documented over the years, including a painfully accurate skewering on South Park, which even made him admit that might need to tone it down. That moment of self-reflection didn't last as evidenced by his latest gaffe at the VMAs. Kanye's irrepressible ego reminds me of another artist who thought the 'the sun shone out of his arse', Terence Trent D'arby. Following is just a sample of things TTD has said. On reflection he makes Kanye look like Saint Benedict.

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    "I look at writing and recording like going to the toilet".

  2. 9)

    "Take Whitney Houston - after a month of waking up next to her life would get very boring".

    OK, He was right about that one.

  3. 8)

    "I've always been blessed or cursed with perception".

  4. 7)

    "I may say a lot of strange and incomprehensible things as far as other people are concerned, but that is the way of all brilliance".

  5. 6)

    "I do have some very strange thoughts - still, all geniuses are mad aren't they?"

  6. 5)

    "I think I'm a GENIUS. Point F#*king blank".

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