The Fictional Companies I'd Most Like to Work For Companies
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The Fictional Companies I'd Most Like to Work For

Out of all the companies in movies in fictional universes, these are the ones I feel would be the most fun to work for. Why? Because these companies either only hire supermodels/celebrities to work there, or people seem to play pranks on each other instead of actually work about 85% of the time.
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    Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce Mad Men This is my top company. I'd love to work here. The guys are great, everyone has problems, but ...

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    #7 on the original list 1. I would seduce Erin 2. Play pranks on people, and try and get by with the new boss3. Get ...

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    #27 on the original list Sheinhardt Wig Company 30 rock 1 word: hijinks (I'm sorry)

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    #12 on the original list Aperture Science Half-Life, Portal I don't care if it kills me: SUPERPOWERS.

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    #5 on the original list Duff Beer The Simpsons Free... Beer?... Or at leas the opportunity to try a real DUFF!

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    #32 on the original list Central Perk Friends Only hot chicks walk into this coffee place. It's like going to a coffee place in Hollywood ...

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    #46 on the original list Oceanic Airlines Lost Dimensional rifts... SOMETHING has to be interesting in the Abramsverse.

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    #29 on the original list Oscorp Industries Spider-Man All the scientists always look really well off. PLUS I'll live in the Marvel New York ...


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