The Funniest Business Names in The Simpsons

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The Simpsons has a rich history of background gags, and some of the best are the names of the stores in Springfield and its environs. Sometimes they blow by so fast you have to rewind to fully appreciate the rich and hilarious history of business names in this universe, but it's always worth it. These are some of my fave names, but if you see anything missing, add it!

Thanks to the Simpsons Wiki for doing so much of the legwork on these names, that site is a holy gem on the internet.

What are some of the funniest fake business names in the Simpsons universe? There are some pretty hilarious ones and this list aims to name all of those comedic names. Like did you know Duff's beer was named after Guns N' Roses bassist Duff McKagen? There are nuggets like that sprinkled throughout this list. 

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