The Funniest Internet Reactions to Kim Jong-Il's Death Anything
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The Funniest Internet Reactions to Kim Jong-Il's Death

North Korean dictator and all-around wacko Kim Jong-Il was reported dead by his home nation on Sunday, December 18th, 2011. According to official state reports, he died from fatigue - possibly relating to coronary issues - while riding on a train. The Internet, not feeling inclined to give the near-universally loathed figure a pass, immediately piled on with the jokes. And I just happened to be around for the whole thing.

Many, many, many people - including some professional comedians - immediately seized on the EXTREMELY obvious pun in the dictator's name, citing that "I didn't even know Kim Jong was ill," or some such thing. I mean, you expect a bit of that from random Twitter users, but Albert Brooks? The guy wrote "Lost in America." One entry in that genre is reproduced below, but mainly for posterity and because they included a funny picture. Overall, those people should be ashamed of themselves.

Kim Jong-Il will very likely be replaced by his son, Kim Jong-un, a 28-year-old army general about whom very little is known. Comforting, right? Maybe this isn't a good time for levity... Oh well, too late.

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    Freshman Kim Jong Il

    If you're not up on your memes, you may not get this one. (You could always catch up with our Best Memes of 2011 list.) I'm willing to live with that.

    via QuinnieThePooh on Reddit
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    Standard Internet Precaution

  3. 23

    Every Possible Joke

  4. 22

    Where Were You...

  5. 21

    Train Fatigue

  6. 20

    Meet North Korea's New Leader

    Hang on... something's wrong about this...

    via SigKnight on Reddit
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