politics & history The Funniest Internet Reactions to Obama Doing a Reddit AMA  

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On August 29, 2012, President Barack Obama talked to the front page of the internet, Reddit.com, in a virtual Ask Me Anything post And then Reddit crashed. Then the Internet pretty much exploded as much as it could with Reddit being down. While more than ten thousand users of the new source / information / bacon website queried the Chief of Staff on everything from foreign policy to how babby is formed, others around the world (and in the Ranker office) were locked out, left banging their keyboards about how “reddit broke.” Correction: banging on their keyboards.

The POTUS had only half an hour to devote to the online Q&A, the rest of his day booked up doing things more important than endlessly upvoting funny cat gifs. He (or his interns) answered ten questions from reddit users, who are notably left-leaning; the median user is male, aged 25-34. The sometimes vicious hive didn’t seem too bothered when he (or his intern) made a typo, saying the space program had plans for a “potential mission to a asteroid.”

The following Internet reactions are gleaned from the actual Obama AMA thread, new memes, and Twitter posts from comedians, news sources, and other folks. The reddit visit may have catapulted Obama from just a regular Joe President up to join the ranks of the Greatest Internet Heroes of 2012.