The Funniest Internet Reactions to the East Coast Earthquake Anything

The Funniest Internet Reactions to the East Coast Earthquake

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On August 23, 2011, the East Coast felt a 5.9 earthquake. It's being said that it was felt from Virginia to Toronto. The East Coast isn't used to this. The West Coast usually sleeps through earthquakes of this size. Hence, the internet erupted with jokes making fun of the East for making such a big deal about the quake. So, from Twitter reactions, to Reddit comics, to viral images, here are the funniest internet reactions to the East Coast's earthquake on August 23, 2011.

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    First Pictures of the DC Earthquake's Destruction

  2. 2

    This .Gif

    This .Gif. This is the .Gif:
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    Osama bin Laden's Tweet

  4. 4

    Earthquakes in NY in Real Life

  5. 5

    The Best Hipster Brooklyn Tweet

  6. 6

    Wikipedia Proves How Reputable It Is

  7. 7

    Patton Oswalt's Tweets

  8. 8

    Keeping It Simple with the Fat Jokes

  9. 9

    Rob Delaney Cleans Up

  10. 10

    NYC Earthquake Relief

  11. 11

    Buzzfeed's Round-Up of the Devastation on the East Coast

  12. 12

    The Single Best East Coast Earthquake Tweet

  13. 13

    My Thoughts Go Out To...

  14. 14

    This Probably Happened to a Lot of People

  15. 15

    Al Qaeda Reacts

  16. 16

    High Expectations Asian Father Reacts

  17. 17

    Snooki Told Us So

  18. 18

    The Best Roland Emmerich Tweet

  19. 19

    Reddit User hmr4ever Gets Puntastic

  20. 20

    The Difference Between the Coasts

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