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The Greatest Rock Band Logos of All Time

List Criteria: Must be a semi-permanent to permanent rock band logo. Vote on the LOGO, not your opinion of the band's talent.

Picking the best band logos of all time turned out to be quite a task. When asking people about their favorite band logos, most people went right to classic rock band logos like Aerosmith and Metallica, while ignoring great new rock logos like Tool and Foo Fighters. Additionally, NO ONE was thinking about rap or hip hop logos (which is ok because now there's a whole separate list of the best hip hop/rap logos). PLUS, everybody just went right to the best bands of all time and insisted they accounted for the best logos of all time. Wrong.

The criteria that ended up being used to create the list was this: a pervasive band logo that wasn't just around for one album. Bands like Arcade Fire and Blink-182 (don't judge, we're talking great band logos, not great catalogs of music) had some great logos associated with a particular album, but were nothing special over time. And some of the best bands had really underwhelming band logos (The Beatles, Rush, etc.).

As far ranking the top band logos, it's highly subjective and votable. The best logos are not necessarily the most iconic band logos and vice versa. If you think the order's wrong, vote up the best rock band logos and vote down the band art you don't like. If there's something missing, add the artist logos you think should have a shot at being dubbed the best band logo. The one thing to really remember with this list is NO BAD BAND LOGOS.

What is the greatest band logo of all time? What are the bands with the best logos? Vote and decide! Keep it focused on music logos as opposed to music mascots. And rock on!
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